Photo credit Mammano Photography
Photo credit Mammano Photography

Coat Color: AlmostAnArk Misty's Pride & Joy has no Red alleles and two Black, indicating her base coat color appears Black. Two
Tobiano alleles were detected which may result in White markings. As a result of the allele count in each of the following, she
has a minimum 100% chance of passing Black and Tobiano to any offspring.
aa, EE, TO/TO, TT (Endurance Type)
Traits: AlmostAnArk Misty's Pride & Joy has not tested positive for any recessive disease alleles on this panel.

Genetic Profile Test Results
Horse: AlmostAnArk Misty's Pride & Joy
Owner: Laurie Valentine
Horse and Owner Information
Horse AlmostAnArk Misty's Pride & Joy DOB 2012-06-04
Breed Gypsy Vanner Age 5 years, 0 months
Color Black/White Sex Mare
Discipline Halter Height 15.1 hands
Registry GVHS/GHRA Reg Number GV03437/B00001430
Sire Gypsy Elite Pride & Joy Dam Gypsys Elite Misty
Sire Reg & No. GHRA B00000369 Dam Reg & No. GHRA/GVHS B00000360/GV03637


Pix above and right below are me at 2 years old.

PJ is not a beginner's or youth horse.  She was not started under saddle until she was 5 years old.  While she is a quick learner, and a very good girl, she is still green in many areas.  We will be very fussy about her new owner.  She is offered at $15,000. 



This is my lovely Mom, Gypsy Elite Misty


And this is my extremely handsome Dad, Gypsy Elite Pride & Joy

Orangevale AlmostAnArk

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