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Gypsy Elite Misty

Misty was imported from England in 2001.
Misty and her "wee" one, AlmstAnArk Misty's Pride and Joy. "P.J." is her barn name

Foaled in 2000,   Misty stands 15 hands tall.  Misty is registered with both the Gypsy Horse Registry of America (GHRA) and the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS)

She has perfect conformation, with a beautiful head, neck and shoulder. Her nice flat bone and pretty markings, topped off with tons of hair and feather make her a standout.  She's also a sweet, sweet girl.


Misty's most recent excellent show placements confirm what we already know about her.  She is lovely, and a superior example of a proper Gypsy Vanner horse. 


Misty has had several exceptional foals.  Her latest is by Gypsy Elite Pride & Joy.  "PJ" is now 3 years old.


Tobiano TT   Sabino.nn    Red Factor EE    Agouti aa     Cream nn    Silver nn


Misty is not for sale.


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